We believe there is no more powerful force in education than the child's own curiosity. And we've found - for over thirty years now - that kids' curiosity will produce the best outcomes in every respect. 


The Montessori School of Wooster offers programs for children starting from 18 months and continuing through middle school. Please contact the school to visit a toddler, preschool/kindergarten, elementary or middle school classroom and begin your enrollment process.  The school currently offers services between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:30 pm weekdays.  Service is available year round or during a traditional school year.  The enrollment process will involve a parent tour, a screening of the child, a request for records, an opportunity for parents to have visitations in the classroom, and finally a signed enrollment agreement.

Tuition Rates

2018 Tuition Rates and Aftercare Charges are available now.  The school year is sold as a block.  Extended year options are available by the day.  Extended day is billed by the hour.  Please contact the Head of School for a detailed quote.  This can be done with the contact form below by providing a detailed explanation of the days and hours of service you are seeking.


The Montessori School of Wooster is an Ohio Department of Education Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) eligible school. Discounts are available for siblings of current students or to families making payment in full prior to June 1.


Our graduates are independent, confident, and socially conscious. And they are successful. Our kids have gone on to be leaders in their high schools, in college, and in the community. We could name a whole list of our graduates who are stars of Speech & Debate, National Merit Scholarship Finalists, high achieving athletes, admitted to the best colleges in the country, and contributing to their communities in Wooster and beyond.

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