Your generous support over the past several years has also allowed us to:

  • Maintain a highly favorable 8:1 student-teacher ratio while keeping tuition affordable

  • Provide professional development opportunities for all of our teachers – five additional teachers completed advanced Montessori training last year!

  • Update and enhance our classrooms’ Montessori learning materials

  • Better serve our families with expanded and enhanced before school, after school, and summer programming

  • Improve the quality, comfort and safety of our indoor and outdoor spaces

  • Welcome into our community a Project Wild Certified naturalist to lead student exploration and study of our six-acre nature preserve

  • Increase inclusiveness through expanded scholarships, which are now offered to ten percent of our students

These achievements are not possible without significant annual giving from partners like you.


Thanks to continued support from people like you, we have been able to keep our tuition levels at half of the national average of this country’s Montessori schools. 

Your donation, no matter how large or small, will help keep tuition down and continue growing high achieving individuals who care about and contribute to their communities, and who will continue to love to learn, long after they graduate.


We teach our students to be contributing members of their community. Because there is no better way to support this behavior than to model it, we strongly encourage you to donate your time and talents to help make our school better. Whether it's by volunteering to assist in a classroom, help with building maintenance, serve on a committee or cut trails in the Melissa Schultz Nature Preserve, we have many opportunities for you to share your time and talents with the school and the students.