We believe there is no more powerful force in education than the child's own curiosity. And we've found - over thirty years now - that kids' curiosity will produce the best outcomes in every respect. 

We follow the philosophy of Maria Montessori, the Italian physician who pioneered a new approach to education. Over the last one hundred years, her methods have been refined and expanded. There are a few central ideas that characterize Montessori education: we believe that children learn by doing, that the classroom should center on children (far more than on the teacher), that provided the space, children will learn how to navigate the world with independence and confidence, that the best education is motivated by children's curiosity rather than by external rewards and punishments. All of this we boil down to the principle: follow the child.

Our Goals

Stimulate the Child's Curiosity

Our classrooms are bright, warm and inviting, filled with intriguing learning materials; fossils, mathematical models, puzzles, etc.  Student work is attractively displayed on low open shelves.  Each week we change some activities to fit the ever changing needs of the class.

Nurture Individual Growth and Independence

We recognize that our role as teachers is not so much to teach as help the children to learn independently.  We strive to ask questions that challenge our students to discover the answers for themselves.

Build Confidence and Responsibility

We encourage the older children to develop an awareness of the needs of the younger children.  They are the role models for the younger ones and will often show them how to do the work.